Workplace Wellbeing & Working From Home

26 July 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all our lives in many ways, and whilst we’re now starting to return to what we deem to be ‘normal, there are some things that are changed forever. Throughout the lockdowns we’ve been encouraged to work from home where possible – for some companies, this has been a simple switch but for others, it’s been a monumental task. Once things had settled, though, many employees and employers alike have found remote working to be hugely beneficial. Just some of the benefits include:

Better Work-Life Balance – Being able to do school runs, staying in for work contractors, running errands

Less Commuting – Just think about all the time saved not being stuck in the car or on public transport, as well as the cost saved

Location Independence – Working remotely means no longer being tied to seeking jobs within your local area

Environmental Impact – Fewer cars on the road means avoiding greenhouse gases and using less oil which is beneficial to the environment

Increased Productivity – Having more time available to them and fewer office distractions means that employees are finding their productivity has hugely increased which can only be a positive

Here at Swindale Parks we too have noticed the benefits and haven’t yet returned to the office. Our Managing Director lives over 70 miles away from our office, and our administrator isn’t racing through rush hour traffic to do the nursery run anymore. We still talk regularly and hold a weekly video meeting through Microsoft Teams, and the consensus is that this is working well for us.

We certainly aren’t alone in that, judging by our conversations with our clients. Some have said that remote working is now their norm, and some of their staff will not return to the office at all. Some will be creating a split whereby staff will work some days at home and some in the office.

Amongst all this change is a rising issue, however. Change can be difficult, and some employers want to stick to the traditional way of working and want all their employees in the office for all of their working hours. This is starting to cause friction and we’re seeing it in recruitment. More and more of our candidates are wanting a role that includes working from home and we can see why. There are some roles that of course can’t be done at home, but in our most popular positions within sales and marketing, remote working works.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Are you remote working, or back in the office? How are you finding it?