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Here at Swindale Park Recruitment, our priority is finding the best talent for your business. Whether you are looking for an individual for a specific post or looking to recruit a whole new team, we are here to help you find the perfect fit candidate/s for your business.

We understand that finding the right person for the job is a crucial business decision that centres around the way you search, select and interview potential applicants. With our specialist knowledge and access to specialist job boards, social media, and recruitment networks, we give all job vacancies as much exposure as they need to engage and find the ideal candidate/s for you.


CV sourcing


Why work with Swindale Parks Recruitment?

Swindale Parks Recruitment has industry-leading experience and specialist expert recruitment consultants in a wide range of specialist sectors including:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Creative
  • Commercial
  • Executive
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Technical

Our strength is our ability to develop a deep understanding of our client’s businesses and particular requirements they may have for a vacancy. Expertise in our field means we know what is important for successful delivery and therefore make it our mission to understand our clients’ requirements thoroughly, understanding every business is unique. We match not only skills and experience to roles but personalities to working environments.


As part of our professional client services, we offer:

  • Experienced designated specialist Account Managers
  • A large database of candidates across a range of sectors
  • Regular updates on your recruitment process


Let us take care of your recruitment process through a rapid hiring process, saving you time and money.  Our specialist recruitment solutions achieve this for our clients through:

  • Effective advertising
  • Extended reach obtaining the best talent
  • Thorough interviewing and vetting processes
  • Ensuring equal opportunities



Save Time and Money Recruiting

Whether it is saving money on advertising job posts, optimising your valuable time from us scouring through a high volume of CVs on your behalf, or carrying out all the necessary vetting checks.  We use our specialist knowledge, contacts, and dedicated time to give you the best value when sourcing your next employee.

Just give us your requirements and we do the rest!


Effective Advertising to Find You the Right Talent

Here at Swindale Parks Recruitment we already have a head start when it comes to attracting the right candidate for your business and the role you wish to fill.

Our bank of candidates is consistently growing and from our long-term contracts with various job boards across the UK, this enables us to get your advert in front of the right people instantly.  Candidates also track down and register for agencies with a good reputation like Swindale Parks and will see vacancies advertised on our own website too. Other methods of effective advertising include access to career sites, email sourcing, applicant tracking systems, LinkedIn, social media, and search engine sourcing. 


Interviewing and Vetting Potential Employees

Having fully vetted candidates is central to our working practice when supplying candidates to our clients.

Our thorough vetting process reduces the risk of employing unsuitable candidates by verifying their work history, experience, and qualifications via proven and complying investigative methods.

With a large bank of fully vetted and registered candidates, we have already done the hard work of narrowing down your search by ensuring we only have the highest calibre, adequately qualified, and experienced candidates on our books.  No more sifting through an endless pile of CVs to find you have wasted valuable time shortlisting poor-quality unsuitable candidates, we naturally do that part for you, filtering out only the best-matched candidates with a focus on quality, not quantity.


Equal Opportunities

Since the launch of the Equality Act 2010, equal opportunities in employment continues to be a challenge for both public and private organisations within the UK.  Supporting businesses that value diversity in the workplace, we work with them to create a level playing field to attract, recruit, assess and select great candidates from diverse backgrounds, striving to see that job placements in the UK provide an accurate reflection of the diversity within British society.   


Our Recruitment Consultants

We have a team of dedicated recruitment consultants who are experts in placing high calibre candidates into permanent opportunities. Experienced in their own sector, they tailor their search and know exactly what to look for when putting candidates forward for your consideration.  With contacts across multiple industry sectors, we have a greater understanding of trends and potential candidates in comparison to the limited scope of some in-house recruiters.  


If you would like help to fill a vacancy for your organisation or discuss further how we can save you time and money finding your next ideal employee, contact Swindale Parks Recruitment. 

Finding the right talent is what we do best! Call us on 0121 585 6079 or email us at





"Helping organisations grow & prosper through the introduction of outstanding people" - Carl Booth, Managing Director


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