Example Interview Questions - Sales Role

28 June 2022

Where do you see your career heading in five to 10 years?

Tip: Describe your goals over the next five to ten years and make your answer as clear and detailed as possible. If applicable, explain how the open role can specifically give you the skills and/or experience to reach your career goals.

Example: "I can see myself as a future sales director managing all aspects of a company's sales department. I believe my communication skills and aptitude to solve complex problems can create a culture of successful sales representatives. I believe this role gives me the framework to build my leadership and technical abilities, which aligns with my career aspirations."

What motivates you when you're at work?

Tip: Define your primary motivation and discuss a story of when you provided a service to a prospect or current client. Your hiring manager wants to see how your interpersonal skills align with the results you can achieve in this role.

Example: "My primary motivation is serving clients so that our company can solve problems they're experiencing. Sales representatives help prospective clients to make an impact on the world. Our job is to establish a connection that can lead to a long-term symbiotic relationship."

What makes you a good sales representative?

Tip: This is an opportunity for you to sell yourself to the manager. Combine key aspects of your success with your current employer, and explain how your contributions can carry over to this position. Also, explain the characteristics that helped you reach your goals.

Example: "In my current position, I made 50 cold calls a day to prospective clients and exceeded my target by closing a sales cycle for five straight weeks earlier this year. I was named an employee of the month for my efforts and I have closed one deal a week every week since then. I credit my passion for solving problems and being empathetic in the process. It takes active listening to understand your prospects' needs and act on them."

Why did you apply for this position?

Tip: This answer could overlap with the first question, but this is where studying the job description will pay off. Tailor your answer to the company and the research you conducted before going into the interview.

Example: "I believe this position aligns with my previous experience in sales while also making room for an expansion of my current skill set. I can take more ownership of responsibilities like creating status reports and reporting leads within the customer relationship management system as well as the chance to work in different departments."

What is your impression of our company?

Tip: Read the company's website to see how they describe themselves and review their social media posts to get an idea of their brand voice and reputation.

Example: "This organization is a B2B marketing company that sells SaaS products to help centralize their business and marketing efforts. The software has increased business productivity by 30% and has received testimonials from three Fortune 500 companies."

Is there anything you don't like about sales?

Tip: Be candid in your answer and follow up by discussing what you love about sales and what drives your motivation. Positive and negatives exist in each job, but you want to assure the hiring manager that the positives are why you applied for the position.

Example: "Sales can be a high-stress industry, but my drive to provide excellent customer service is why I applied for this position and enjoy this career. I'm goal-oriented so I'm able to handle stressful situations when I know my efforts will deliver results for my customers and for my company."

How did you close your biggest sale?

Tip: Describe a time when you closed big sales or helped a client that resulted in a positive outcome. This question is probing you for an example of success.

Example: "I worked with a tech client who wasn't sure if they wanted to purchase from us. I spoke with them for three hours trying to close the deal. When they put their manager on the phone, I discussed the statistics about how our product led to 20 testimonials from clients and redirected him to our website.

While I was on the phone, he read the testimonial out loud per my request. He noticed that my name was in the testimonial. I told him that he could always contact me if he encountered any issues. Showing that your team is a family and the fact that you care about the results they position you to close a sale."