5 Sectors That Will Thrive by 2030

1 February 2022

If you’re just starting out on your career path, or if you’re looking to change paths completely, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts. The good news is that the UK economy is regaining momentum in a rapid, albeit incomplete recovery, meaning that the outlook for many sectors is promising. Several sectors in particular are set to skyrocket within the next few years, so this week let’s have a look at the top five.

1 – Pharmaceuticals: Specialists within the pharmaceutical industry were the unsung heroes of the pandemic, working all hours to design and test a vaccine that has reduced Covid hospitalization rates by over 80%. The Covid crisis has affirmed to governments that future pandemics can easily take hold at any time, which has prompted an unprecedented level of investment into pharmaceutical research and development.

2 – Legal: One of the unfortunate consequences of national lockdowns is that divorce enquiries to legal firms soared by 95%. Although this is set to be a short-term problem, lawyers who deal with the sale of homes are also seeing a huge increase in their workload as long-term projections have indicated that many renters are planning to buy their first home within the next few years.

3 – Programming: Did you know that the video game sector is larger than both the movie and music sectors combined? In 2020, the industry generated over $155 billion in revenue, which is set to double by 2025. Clearly, the professionals involved in the making of these video games are highly trained programmers. For those willing to put in the hours into learning programming, it’s an incredibly well-paid profession, with the most experienced programmers taking home over £70,000 per year.

4 – Cybersecurity: Whilst were’ on the subject of all things digital and technical, let’s talk cybersecurity. As the working world embraces hybrid working, our dependency on digital tools means our data is more at risk of being hacked than ever. Hacking attacks that targeted people working from home in the form of malicious emails rose by 50% in a matter of weeks during the first lockdown, and so it should come as no surprise that the industry is booming.

5 – Engineering: Engineers design and develop new technologies that are designed to make our lives easier and safer. With technological advances occurring faster than ever, almost all engineering fields are seeing a huge rise in job opportunities. It’s been estimated that employers in this field will need to recruit 265,000 skilled candidates annually to meet demand, a figure that has risen dramatically in recent years.

However, if none of the sectors above are exciting to you, it’s not the end of the world. UK job vacancies are at an all-time high right now, meaning that no matter what profession takes your fancy, you’re almost certain to find a position to suit you. If you’re on the hunt for your next role, we’re here to help!