Don't Make These Interview Mistakes

6 September 2021

You’ve spent hours tidying up your CV, searching the job boards, and chatting to a recruitment consultant all with the aim of finding your perfect job role. Finally, all that hard work has paid off and you’ve got yourself an interview! Give yourself a pat on the back, the hardest part is over. Now is your chance to let your prospective employer see the real you – if you weren’t suitable for the job you wouldn’t have made it this far so hold your head up high.

However, now isn’t the time to get complacent. There are still some easy mistakes that could cost you this job – let’s take a look at some of them now.

Bad Timekeeping

Turning up to an interview late is one of the worst mistakes you can make. You only get one chance at a first impression and being late gives the impression that you don’t care enough about this interview, and that you don’t value the employer’s time.

Solution: If you aren’t familiar with the location of the interview already, do so at least a few days before. Look the building up on Google Maps to see how long it should take you to get there. If you’re using public transport, look up the timetables to find your route. Even better, do a trial run! It’ll enable you to find out what traffic could be like. On the day itself, aim to arrive at least 10 minutes early to give yourself a buffer.

Dress Code

Most businesses wear typical, smart business attire in the office. This isn’t the case for all businesses though. Turning up for an interview in an outfit that doesn’t fit in with the general attire of the business can make an interview really awkward for both you and the employer.

Solution: Check with your employer before your interview what the dress code is beforehand. If your interview has been arranged through us at Swindale Parks, your recruitment consultant will communicate this with you. A full suit might be perfect for a business development role with a white-collar business, but other sectors have a much more casual attire and you’d fit in much better with a fresh pair of jeans!

Body Language

Did you know that only 7% of communication is verbal? The rest of the time we use our tone of voice, our body language, and facial expressions. You might be saying all the right things in your interview, but if you’re saying them whilst slouched in your chair and looking at the clock on the wall – it’s not going to go well.

Solution: It can be so difficult to control the things you do involuntarily, but mastering the basics can go a long way. Sit up straight in your chair and try not to slouch. Maintain eye contact with the employer when speaking. If there is more than one person on the interview panel, make an effort to look at them all equally, sharing your time between them. Try to smile and keep upbeat, when appropriate of course. Also, you might have a bus to catch but don’t look down at your watch or the clock on the wall, it gives the impression that you’re thinking about how soon you can leave!