Frequently asked questions about Swindale Parks Sales & Marketing Recruitment Services
Are Swindale Parks GDPR compliant?
Yes we are. Please see our updated Privacy Notice within Team Talk, dated 27th April 2017
Who are Swindale Parks?

You mean you don't already know?! We are the Midlands' leading independent Sales, Marketing and Creative recruitment consultancy. Since 1991 we have been 'passionately' plying our trade and, in that time, through a lot of hard work may we add, have built a reputation as a company that delivers on its promises (or so our clients and candidates tell us). Recruitment is a very competitive industry — we never lose focus of that fact because it helps us maintain our standards.

Why should I choose you?

That's easy. If you're a company we'll help you grow and prosper — through the recruitment of talented, passionate and ambitious people.
If you're a candidate we will help your career flourish — by presenting opportunities to you that fit your aspirations.
Try us — experience is everything in recruitment and we've got bucket-loads.

How much will your services cost me?

Always an emotive subject?
If you are a candidate then our services are absolutely free of charge — gratis! Apart from your time of course, and the more time you spend working with us the greater your returns will be.
If you are a company then think about our fee as an investment rather that a cost. Invest in the right candidate and they will produce a healthy return — we are here to help you take on the right person.
Click here to request our terms of business...

Where are you based?

In Halesowen — do you know where that is?
It's 20 minutes from Birmingham City Centre and 10 minutes from junction 3 of the M5 motorway. We're not here by luck. We specifically chose to be based here because we are easy to get to and easy to find (famous last words!) — strategically based in the heart of the West Midlands. Click here for a map.

How do we get the ball rolling?

You advise us of your needs.
Once we have an understanding of these we can (a) advise you whether we are the best people to help you (if we are not we will point you in the right direction) and (b) if we can help you, detail exactly why, how and when.
You can contact us in a number of ways, whatever is most convenient for you — via this website, by phone, email, fax or just pop into our offices.
Taking the first step is the most important which is why we make it easy for you.

When will I hear from you?

When would you like to hear from us?
Whether you are a company or a candidate we will fit in with your schedule. We are more flexible than you because recruitment is 'what we do', whereas you have to fit 'recruitment' in to your already busy diaries.
We will agree upon a 'plan of action', giving you a clear understanding of 'how' and 'when' we hope to deliver you to your chosen destination — be that a new career or a new recruit. Every plan of action is unique – because everyone's needs are different. take the first step! Get in touch